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Together Everyone Achieves More

Running a business is not an isolation activity. It requires interaction with many other people, most of whom are also running a business (or organisation): suppliers, deliverers, accountants, book keepers, advertisers, stock keepers, cleaners and even banks.

Without proper professional and cooperative integration between such people a business will very soon start to struggle.

It is the same with digital promotion. You may have a personal website, you may have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account; but unless you manage these things and let people know you are out there what use are they?

Websites can be notoriously complex to set up and manage especially if you are not so minded or experienced. Even many of the pre prepared sites offered by large companies and web hosts are not particularly easy to manage or make do what you want them to. And if you employ a web designer or design company to develop, manage and host your site the cost, for small businesses, can be prohibitive.

Social media can be a cheaper and easier alternative but these too have their downsides and limitations. (read our ramblings on our “Websites and Social Media” section on this page.

Localbusinessicons.co.uk has tried to rationalise digital promotion for local businesses in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull and North Lincolnshire by providing an affordable digital platform for business which optimises search facilities for products and services, where all companies support each other on one large site increasing the chance of being found yet still providing an individual URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for everyone on the site. If used in promotional material it will direct interested parties directly to an individual business page.

Even if you have a website you can benefit by joining localbusinessicons. Links to other sites increase your chance of being found in a web search. If you have Social Media sites these too can be embedded in the localbusinessicon site again increasing you findability factor.

Together you support each other and can be more easily found and your page is managed for you by professionals for the equivalent of £1 per week. No upfront costs, no expensive design fees.

Websites and Social Media

Many business people neglect websites in favour of social media advertising but what are the advantages and disadvantages of both these options?

One thing is certain, neither should be overlooked. An excellent site which looks at this issue is: https://mediaboom.com/news/website-vs-social-media/

Website advantages: if a business wants to optimise or grow its online presence then the ability to do this is best suited to a website SEO ( Site Engine Optimisation) strategy. This involves understand what customers might be searching for and optimising the content of your site to meet expectations of customers. This also means giving titles to all of the pictures you put online which make it easier for people to find you. According to research, 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses. Therefor, if you dont have a website and don’t properly maintain it then you are wasting money and resource.

A website provides permanent key data about your company: contact details, what you do or sell, where you can be found, your purpose and philosophy, your products and services, their cost and accessibility.

You can also data track which is a great help in follow up and promotional marketing. You can track: the number of visitors to the site, the time visitors spent, the information pages they looked at, where they are located and even what service or device they used to access your site.

Social Media offers many advantages’: it can make interaction with your customers more personal and intimate, it has the capability of instant responses’ to enquiries, it is instant and always available to read and update on your phone.

Research shows that people are spending. on average, 142 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms. Companies need to make sure their brands and services media accounts are getting seen.

Requests for information, and comments need to be responded to quickly. And responses are more easily dealt with on social media than a website, but both Social Media and a Website together are a very powerful tool.

Please read: https://mediaboom.com/news/website-vs-social-media/