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What is a terrarium

The word terrarium derives from the Latin: terra, meaning earth + arrium meaning a place or receptacle.
A terrarium is a little like a goldfish bowl but for plants instead of fish. They are miniature gardens housed in containers like bottles, jars and carboys.
They become a fully functioning plant ecosystem, mostly self sustaining watering themselves through transpiration and condensation.
Fantasy scenes can be created by the use of rocks, model dinosaurs, houses, toys etc 

A terrarium example


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A little potted history

Welcome to Plants in Glass.
I create unique terrariums with tropical plants, cacti, succulents and air plants.
Every terrarium is different and can contain, decorative pebbles, shells, sand, driftwood, live moss or even healing crystals. Best of all, they are all low maintenance.
I have always loved plants and flowers and at school I actually dreamt of having a flower and trinket shop.
I have a real passion for houseplants and have over 90 in my personal collection at home.
My nana is 94 and has alzheimer and is therefore unable to have plants because she is unable to remember when to water them on account of her illness. I thought about buying her a terrarium but when searching for one I found that the really well made beautiful ones were very very expensive and the affordable ones seemed to just be mass produced 1 plant in soil and that’s it. No middle ground.
So thats when I decided to have a go at making my own.
I bought a small quantity of jars and a hand full of plants and I gave it my best shot. I gave one to my mum and sold the others to friends. I enjoyed it so so much I took my small profit and bought more supplies and it snow balled from there. I have learnt a lot since then and I’m getting better and better every day.
I absolutely love creating unique things for people to enjoy and always welcome a challenge.

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e-mail: hello@plantsinglass  telephone: 07810098801 main website: www.plantsinglass.co.uk